The following addresses many of the common questions asked by those seeking tenancy at Sanford Estates Apartments.

FAQ Person

What is the minimum lease term for a new tenant?

Each new tenant is required to sign a one year lease.

Do you require a background check for applicants?

Each applicant is required to allow Sanford Estate Apartments to provide a screening survey (credit and background check). After you complete your application, you will receive an email from our staff requesting approval for the screening survey. There is a small application and screening fee of $30.00.

Do you require a tenant deposit? If so, how much?

Each tenant is required to provide a standard deposit amount of one month's rent based upon the monthly unit rental amount. There are some situations where a tenant needs to provide a two month deposit based upon the screening survey findings.

Am I required to have renters insurance?

Yes. For your benefit, it is required. To make things easier for you, Sanford Estates Apartments has a relationship with Cottonwood Insurance, our preferred vendor that provides various insurance policies. To learn more, click on Travelers Renters Brochure.

To request a quote from our preferred lender, click on Cottonwood Insurance

You also have the right to reach out to any insurance agent that can provide the necessary renters insurance policy that meets the Sanford Estates Apartments requirements.

What are the key requirements for an applicant to be approved for tenancy with a standard one month deposit amount?

  1. One year of employment with  the same company
  2. Income to Rent Ratio: 3 to 1 (Example: If someone makes $1,500/month, they are qualified for $495.00/month rental unit)
  3. Not a first time renter
  4. Credit score near 600 or above
  5. Or, if Affordable Housing Authorities are willing to pay 100% of the monthly rent then 1-4 may not be necessary.
  • If an applicant doesn't qualify based upon the above-listed information, Sanford Estates Apartments will work hard to try and find a way to approve the applicant for tenancy if possible, requiring one or more of the following:
  1. Two month deposit
  2. Co-signer/Co-tenant who helps meet qualifications (signs the lease and lives in the unit as well)
  3. Co-signer who helps meet qualifications (signs the lease but doesn't live in the unit)

Are there background items that prevent applicants from being approved for tenancy?

Any criminal felony charges or convictions. Also, any tenant evictions.

What type of pets do you allow?

Dogs and Cats.

How many pets do you allow?

A total of two.

Are there breed restrictions?

For dogs, there are certain breeds that are not allowed. To learn more, click on Pet Restrictions

Are there pet deposits and monthly payments required for pets?

A pet deposit of $125.00 per pet. A monthly payment of $25.00 per pet.

Does Sanford Estates Apartments pay for any utilities?

Yes. We pay for water, sewer and trash removal.

How many tenants are allowed per unit?

We allow two people to occupy each bedroom.

1 bedroom unit - 2 tenants

2 bedroom unit - 4 tenants

3 bedroom unit - 6 tenants

4 bedroom unit - 8 tenants

How many vehicles can I park at Sanford Estates?

Two vehicles per unit. These vehicles must always be licensed by the state of North Carolina, have the license plate on the vehicle with current registration and attach the Sanford Estates Apartments tenant parking sticker.